Buy the Vivo Y12, that not only has impressive looks but is also loaded with impressive features. The mobile phone has been launched in India on December 19,2021 (official) at a charging rate of Rs 12,500. The phone can be used for both domestic and international calls. Buy the Vivo Y12 online to avail of its several amazing offers. These handsets are not available at all the retail stores in the country.



This review helps you to compare and vivo y12 contrast the features and the prices of the vivo y12 between various mobiles shops. This handset is a perfect companion for your working person who is always on the move. It provides quick communication services at affordable rates. There are two SIM cards in the phone which can be easily bought from any of the online mobile store. These two cards come with plenty of exciting features like built-in music player, FM radio, image display, Video recorder and plenty more.

The built in FM radio lets you enjoy music anytime at any place. This handset comes with an FM radio which is automatically selected as the default device while making a call. The FM radio works very well in India as many people still do not have access to prime time channels. Buy the vivo y12 and you can hear their booming reception in every location. You can listen to jazz, rock, hip hop, reggae, blues and other music types through the built-in radio.

The front camera of the vivo y12 is a relatively small one but it is filled with plenty of features which make it a great deal to buy. You can easily take pictures with your self and share them with your friends. You can also use it as a camcorder with the help of its HDMI port. The front camera has a very clear mode and you can use it to take quality videos too.

The built-in memory with the vivo y12 is one of the best memory phones available in the current market. It offers you plenty of storage space which will help you save your data for a long time period. The memory is large enough to hold all your photos and videos which you may want to capture throughout the day. The internal storage with the vivo y12 is a bit larger than that of the unlocked Nokia E71 which helps you transfer more files.

Another feature of the phone comes in the form of the innovative Quickoffice software which allows you to open documents and presentations with ease. The built-in media player helps you enjoy the music even while you are on the move. The brilliant high resolution screen of the vivo y12 helps you view the images properly. The phone comes with a futuristic look and feel along with an advanced technology. If you are looking for high end entertainment at affordable prices, the vivo y12 is one of the best options available in the current market.

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